Safety of crew, vessel, cargo and protection of environment is the foremost objective in navigation of managed vessels.

Company has established procedures for a sound and efficient Bridge Organization, Passage Planning and Voyage Execution. Main objective is to ensure that all vessels’ passage planning and execution of voyages will be carried out having the safety of crew, vessel, cargo and environment as the primary objectives. To achieve this objective:

  • Navigation must be based on BTM concept and the elimination of “one-man errors”.
  • All Deck Officers must be fully aware of Company’s navigation procedures and COLREGS.
  • All Deck Officers must be familiar with their duties, operation of all navigational equipment and vessel’s manoeuvring capabilities.
  • Current ENCs, navigational publications and the relevant updates must be regularly provided to all vessels by contracted Chart Agents and updates must be properly carried out by the designated Officer onboard.
  • Passage planning must be prepared prior to voyage commencement and must be approved by the Master. Execution of the voyage must be based on the passage plan, with all the necessary modifications which may be required, considering the weather, traffic and vessel conditions prevailing at any stage of the voyage.

Master is fully responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel. He must obtain all relevant navigational information and ensure that all applicable International, National and local navigational Rules are followed, all courses are planned in accordance with Company’s Passage Planning requirements and that operating practices safeguard the crew, the vessel, the cargo and the environment.

This responsibility extends to Officers and Crew, who must always be on alert to prevent incidents.

Safety of Life and Vessel must always take precedence over other considerations.

Nothing in this policy or in any Company’s procedure must be construed as relieving any Master, Officer or Crew member of their responsibilities to exercise sound judgment at all times.